Stay Ahead Of An Evolving Threat Landscape With Dependable Threat Intelligence

The cyberthreat landscape continuously evolves over time and its bad actors are engaging in increasingly sophisticated attacks by leveraging the latest malicious techniques and tools against your organisation. Threat intelligence enables you to stay ahead of the curve by leveraging the power of our global threat research and threat intelligence team.

Our team curates a range of highly-accurate and exclusive threat intelligence data sets which we can commercially make available to your organization so that you can dramatically improve your threat detection and response capabilities.  By leveraging the power of AI and machine learning capabilities, you can reduce the number of false positives in your detection caused by uncurated data and automate your threat hunting infrastructure with next-generation tools and AI telemetry to protect your networks and endpoints.

As one of the leading threat intelligence providers in the region, ITSEC is able to help you acquire and deploy the threat intelligence tools that you need to stay ahead of the curve and leverage next-generation machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities in your environment.

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"Letting ITSEC hunt for threats on your network and IT infrastructure is a smart move, they almost always find some sort of cyber threat that your cybersecurity software or technology had not previously detected."

Marek BialoglowyChief Technology Officer

"When ITSEC hunts for threats they do so in a systematic and methodical way to make sure that they catch any and every threat which may be lurking on your networks undiscovered. They also check the darknet for threats too."

Dr Varin KheraChief Strategy Officer

"I am regularly surprised at the threats which modern cybersecurity software and technnology can miss, this makes it essential that you regularly hunt for threats on your IT infrastructure in a proactive way and on a regular basis."

Patrick DannacherGroup CEO