Turn Your Application Security Up To Maximum

Engineers and development teams are rapidly embracing DevSecOps so that they can write and deploy secure code faster, but the move towards DevSecOps can disrupt internal processes and even the culture of your organisation. However, with careful planning, you can effectively migrate your teams from DevOps to DevSecOps and enable your cybersecurity teams to improve the security of applications within your organisations development pipelines.

Cybersecurity compliance has traditionally slowed down application development performance, the perceived conflict between the need to be secure and the need to develop applications faster has created friction between engineering teams (who want to go fast), cybersecurity teams (who want to be safe) and operations teams (who want to go slow). The way to solve this problem is to shift your cybersecurity to the left, this means that you need to include security in the software development process as early as possible and integrate cybersecurity into the processes that your engineering team rely on to move faster and be agile.

ITSEC can help you achieve the secure agility your organisation needs to build and deploy secure applications, shortening your time to market while improving the robustness of your cybersecurity posture. Talk to our cybersecurity specialists about our DevSecOps services.

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"Letting ITSEC hunt for threats on your network and IT infrastructure is a smart move, they almost always find some sort of cyber threat that your cybersecurity software or technology had not previously detected."

Marek BialoglowyChief Technology Officer

"When ITSEC hunts for threats they do so in a systematic and methodical way to make sure that they catch any and every threat which may be lurking on your networks undiscovered. They also check the darknet for threats too."

Dr Varin KheraChief Strategy Officer

"I am regularly surprised at the threats which modern cybersecurity software and technnology can miss, this makes it essential that you regularly hunt for threats on your IT infrastructure in a proactive way and on a regular basis."

Patrick DannacherGroup CEO