A Full Suite Of Professional Services To Meet Your Cybersecurity Needs

Every organization is different, every organization has its own set of cybersecurity priorities, technology and infrastructure, requiring an individual approach to meeting its security needs and requirements, this is where ITSEC can help. We offer a full portfolio of professional cybersecurity services to meet your organisation's needs and we can tailor the services we offer you to your exact requirements, delivering a truly bespoke professional service offering. All of our professional services are delivered by our highly qualified, deeply experienced and accredited security consultants and we are able to deliver them on-site or off-site depending on the service and physical presence requirements, many tasks can be handled remotely.

We can help you with cybersecurity technology selection, implementation and deployment, and because we are platform agnostic in our approach we can help make your chosen technology investments count. In addition, we also have the capability to help you with customer success management, and project management. Ask us about our cybersecurity health checks, a complete health check of your IT infrastructure is a great foundation for future security planning. We can provide you with onsite and remote support to remediate your security issues and even handle your technical account management to take that workload off your plate. One of our specialities is incident response and digital forensics, should the worst case scenario occur and your organisation comes under cyberattack, or suffers from a data breach, you can consider us to be your first responders. Our capable team is deeply experienced at responding to and remediating cybersecurity incidents, they can also forensically investigate events to determine what caused them, who caused them and how attacks may have infiltrated your IT infrastructure.

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"What I like the most about Professional Services services is that they can help organisations to quickly fill any gaps in their security capabilities, simply by outsourcing key cybersecurity processes and functions to the ITSEC security operations team."

Alvin RaffertyMD Australia

"I often hear from business leaders that their strongest driver for outsourcing cybersecurity to a Professional Services services provider is that it allows them to keep their internal teams activities focused on their commercial priorities."

David ChiaMD Singapore

"You can spend an enormous amount of money, time and energy building out a cybersecurity department and still not get it right. Professional Services services allow you to get cybersecurity right from day one and share the responsibility for cyber risk."

Andri HutamaMD Indonesia