Our partner ExtraHop is on a mission to arm security teams to confront active threats and stop breaches. In the face of advanced persistent threats, hybridization, and increasing compliance requirements, enterprises are looking for ways to modernise their security operations along with their infrastructure. With ExtraHop Reveal(x), ITSEC are empowered to deliver the only enterprise-class network detection and response (NDR) solution, so security teams have the threat intelligence and response automation they need to act with confidence and speed.

The Reveal(x) platform, powered by cloud-scale AI, covertly decrypts and analyses all cloud and network traffic in real time to eliminate blind spots and detect threats that other tools miss. Sophisticated machine learning models are applied to petabytes of telemetry collected daily from millions of devices, helping ExtraHop customers to identify suspicious behaviour and secure over 15 million IT assets, 2 million POS systems, and 50 million patient records.